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Get Outdoors

From hunting and fishing to hiking and biking, Roundup is the perfect place for the outdoor enthusiast who likes to take life slow. These are our favorite outdoor activities near the Big Sky Motel.

Venture off the trails in Horsethief Creek Recreation Area

While Western Montana may be known for its trailheads, Eastern Montana is known for wide open exploring and forging your own path. Horsethief Creek Recreation Area, just 7 miles from your motel room door, is the perfect place to explore the unique geologies of the area. Park at the small dirt lot at the top of the hill 7 miles down Golf Course Road and let your imagination take you through the hills.

Bird Watch on the Musselshell River

The Musselshell River runs past the south end of Main Street. A community funded and maintained river walk winds its way through the wooded banks of the muddy Musselshell river. With a unique placement on migratory bird paths, a full flank of sandstone cliffs, and large old oaks, this is the perfect habitat for the birds on your bird list.

Spend the day (and dusk) at 'Lake' Mason

Lake Mason, just 10 miles from the Big Sky Motel, is the perfect place to appreciate all that Southeast Montana has to offer. With great views of the Snowy Mountains in the distance, wildlife all around, and prime views of the night skies, this seasonal lake is a must stop for all visitors that aren't afraid to drive down a dirt road. Pro Tip: Park further from the bank than you think you need to as the soil gets much softer the closer you get to the water. While we would gladly pull you out of the mud, we would like to avoid it for everyone's sake!


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