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Gaze Into the Universe

Roundup’s location in the heart of rural montana means that the night sky is at its greatest. Once you leave the small town of roundup, you will find yourself lit only by the stars in the sky and all you need to do is look up. Unlike the vast majority of the world, you will have a view of the universe. You can gaze upon far away galaxies, lose yourself in the milky way, chase a meteor shower, or maybe even catch a glimpse of the northern lights. Without light pollution, the plains of Eastern Montana make for the perfect destination to roll out a blanket, lie back and wonder what lies beyond.  

Where to gaze

As one of the least populated parts of the country, the hills and plains around Roundup are the perfect destination to gaze toward the stars. 

From Snowy Mountain Road just a few miles out of town to Makoshika State Park on the North Dakota border, the skies above Montana are often clear enough to clearly see the Milky Way and even the Northern lights during the right season. 

Whether you are traveling with family, or hunting down the year's biggest meteor shower, the skies around Roundup are the perfect place to ponder what lies beyond our big sky.

These are some of the best places to stargaze near Roundup:

Snowy Mountain Road (12 Miles)

This rural road allows stagazers to see two of Montana’s best features: skies and mountains. If you find yourself on this adventure in the end of summer, the fields that line the road are filled with wild sunflowers. 

Lake Mason Wildlife Refuge (24 Miles)

A wide open bird refuge in the flats north of town is the perfect place to gaze. While the lake dries up by the end of summer, there are plenty of protected migrating birds to join you on your stargazing adventure. 

Crystal lake (106 Miles)

Crystal Lake sits in a valley at the base of Old Baldy surrounded by mountains and forest. This is true Montana isolation. 

Makoshika State Park (223 Miles)

Well worth the drive, Makoshika State Park is a designated dark sky zone with restrictions on light. This park is also home to beautiful badlands and dinosaur fossils.


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