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Where the Cowboys ride

Roundup, Montana is the western adventure you've dreamed of since you were a kid. Under the iconic big Montana skies, you will find ranches run by cowboys, fields filled with elk, and hills overflowing with adventures. Roundup is nestled at the base of the Bull Hills along the Musselshell river making it the perfect location for outdoorsmen looking for their next hiking trip, hunting excursion, or fishing story. 


Visitors come from all over the nation and the state of Montana to enjoy a wide array of recreation. Sport cars and motorcycles find their adventures on the Billings - Roundup - Forsyth  scenic highway loop. Families, friends and couples enjoy road trips to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at local restaurants. Hunter’s look for the chance to hunt record elk, white tail deer, and mule deer. Fishermen seek a big catch on the Musselshell river as it winds its way through the county with trout in the colder water and catfish and small mouth bass in the warmer water.  


In the century since it was established in 1908 as a stop for the region's cattle roundups, the town has remained a constant hub for travelers and workers in Central Eastern Montana. 

From its start as a cattle town through its days as a coal mine city throughout the 20th century, Roundup has remained a time machine into the wild west where family values take center stage, we borrow sugar from our neighbors, and we look after one another. Ranchers and farmers work the land and everyone knows your name. 

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